Office (Professional Services) Property Loans

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Matching you with the Right Office Property Loan

Office properties are one of the well-known investment property types and can provide financial benefits of recurring revenue, as well as equity growth for their owners.

In addition, many businesses like to receive all or parts of these benefits by partially or fully occupying the building themselves.

As is the case for all other types of commercial properties, the loans offered by lenders of office properties can vary as vastly as the lenders’ preferences and the terms and conditions of the loans. In addition, lender preferences change on a regular basis, in order for them to have a balanced portfolio to mitigate risks.

A broker that is diligent in monitoring the offerings of various lenders, and has the right relationships in the lending community, can be an invaluable resource to a borrower, in selecting and securing the right loan, with the right terms and conditions.

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